Computers: Sales and Supplies

Edu Comp began as a computer supply store, and has always stocked the latest variety of computer hardware and software. We have been an Apple Certified Technician and Reseller since 2007.


We sell computer products and accessories, including:

  • Apple, HP, Lenovo, Chromebook and Asus laptop and desktop computers
  • iPads, iPods and their accessories
  • Various cables: USB, Firewire, Cat5e, Parallel, RJ11 and more
  • Antivirus software
  • Microsoft Office, VM Ware, POSIM, and Squirrel software
  • Wired and wireless routers (including Apple routers)
  • Switches, range extenders, and access points
  • Internal and external hard drives
  • Wired and wireless mice and keyboards
  • Network Interface cards (NIC), USB Ethernet sticks, Wireless PCI and PCMCIA cards
  • Audio and Video cards
  • Blank CDs, DVDs, Floppy diskettes, Zip disks, and USB memory sticks
  • Cordless phones, and much more

If you can’t find what you need in stock, Edu Comp can special order just about any computer product.  Our courteous and knowledgeable staff is happy to help.