iPhone Repair

So that EduComp can better assist our customers, we require an appointment for all iPhone repairs. All customers must complete the iPhone Service Verification Form below. This step is mandatory and must be completed before we will schedule an appointment for your service.


WARRANTY DISCLAIMER: We are Martha’s Vineyard’s ONLY Authorized Apple iPhone Repair Center! If you go anywhere else you will VOID your Apple warranty and will not receive Apple quality parts.


LIQUID DAMAGE DISCLAIMER: Failure to report liquid damage will result in service charges.


3RD PARTY REPAIR DISCLAIMER: Having your device serviced by any Non-Apple Authorized repair facility is a violation of the Apple Warranty guidelines. As such, your warranty will be voided by Apple. It is your responsibility to report any and all such repairs to EduComp, before your repair begins. Failure to do so will result in a service fee and denial of service. This includes all types of repairs.


EduComp is NOT responsible for screen protectors or cases that are broken or rendered unusable when removed from the device.


All iPhones, whether in-warranty or out-of-warranty, are required to complete the iPhone Service Verification Form prior to receiving service.


To check your warranty status, please use Apple's Warranty Lookup.



NOTE:  If your issue concerns the basic usage of your device or you have software problems that are not covered under warranty, please contact Apple for assistance. Optionally, EduComp would be glad to assist you for a minimal fee. Please call our store for details.