Office and School Supplies

With 30 years of experience selling office supplies, Edu Comp carries anything you might need for your office or business.


We stock everything from scissors to post-its, staples to envelopes, paper, printer ink - even new printers. And with our suppliers nearby, if you don't see what you need in the store, it takes only a few days for us to order and receive it for you.


We stock thousands of office products, including:

  • Printer paper of varying sizes, weight, and color
  • Printer ink and toner from multiple manufacturers
  • Varying HP, Canon, and Epson printers
  • Photo-quality and resume paper
  • Mailing envelopes, bubble wrap, mailing tubes, and address labels
  • All types of tapes: duct, packaging, scotch and more
  • Staples, paperclips, pushpins, rubberbands, and more
  • Organizational tools (filing, storage, calendars and more)
  • Gift items for your special office-mate or student